Dieting sucks! And it doesn’t work to help you lose weight. The real truth hiding within all these fad diets is that they tend to make you lose more water weight than fat weight. Which is really unhealthy! Stop your dieting now and read about the real truth behind the lose weight fast diets

Here is just a small list of the deadly conditions you might encounter when you are inplementing lose weight fast diets. Just a foreword, these conditions may seem normal to you, but when they come together, they can make the strongest man in the world fall. Read through the list and you will start to understand whether the diet you are taking now is benefitting you or harming you instead.


Skimping on carbohydrates will leave you physically tired and mentally sluggish. Not getting enough iron or water also may cause fatigue. When the body lacks the necessary nutrients, your body starts to wear down. That’s the main reason why most people feel tired, not just purely because of lack of sleep, but actually the lack of proper nutrients.


Cause Not getting enough omega-3 fats from fish or enough B vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 will cause you to feel the sting of depression. Get it? when a couple of bad things happen, it may not be because of your ownself, but due to the depression kicking into your head due to the lack of essential nutrients.

Constant hunger

Cause You may be skipping breakfast or other meals; following a fad diet with too few calories, carbs and/or protein; or skimping on fiber-rich foods. Or, you could be eating too many empty calories — high/sugar/high-fat processed stuff that fills you out but not up. There is diet-ing method called grazing. That one is fine, it actually recommends you to take up to 5~6 small sized meals rather than 3 king sized meals. That will solve your constant habit of snacking on unhealthy food.


overly strict, prohibitive diets(usually expected from lose weight fast diets), skipping meals will lead to snacking on sweet and/or fatty snacks. Drinking too many caffeinated or alcoholic beverages also may aggravate the crave for cheat food. And the ultimate horror coming from bingeing? You will get the dreaded tummy. The lump of meat that every single individual that wishes to lose weight fast abhors to the core.


Skipping meals, not eating enough calories or relying on caffeine to give you an energy boost could make you feel irritated and annoyed easily. too much caffeine may give you the jitters, so limit your consumption to 200 milligrams or less daily. Unless you plan to show your anxious side to everyone you meet, then thats another issue.

Mentally blurred

Skipping breakfast or not getting enough ugh antioxidants and vitamin E (found in nuts, seeds and wheat germ) may leave you feeling mentally blurred, and it may even contribute to impaired memory. Imagine walking into a pole! Or bumping into someone by accident. Embarrassing isn’t it? Are you able to picture the consequences of all these lose weight fast diets? Most of those programs that are not what they actually claimed. If you are able to relate to the above symptoms i urge you to stop your diet now and get the proper guide that i myself use to lose 20 pounds.

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