Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD Review

Wow, a name like Brazil Butt Lift has really got to catch your attention!  Before you even know what it is, you think it sounds exciting, fun, and promising.  It is currently one of the best sellers in the sports category on Amazon, and it’s been named by New York Magazine as the “Best Fitness Class”. Let’s take a closer look now.

What it is:

This dance/workout was created by Brazilian-born Leandro Carvalho who combined
Brazilian dance moves with cardio and sculpting workouts.  The dance moves help you burn calories and the toning will work your butt muscles so your butt goes out to the back rather than to the sides – making it look slimmer and firmer.

Who it’s for:

Take the pencil test first – put a #2 pencil under your butt, where it meets the top of your thigh.  If the pencil falls, then great.  If the pencil stays there, it’s time to start doing the Brazil Butt Lift workout to lift and shape your booty.

This program is for anyone who is tired of their unsightly saddle bags and muffin top.  It’s for those who want to get their rear end looking better than it currently does.  Whether you’d like it to be eye-candy or just fit your clothes better, this workout can do the trick.  Of course, you’ve got to actually participate 100% in the workouts to get the results, but it’s entirely possible to improve your derriere.

What’s even better is the Brazil Butt Lift does do more than just firm the tush, it works the hips, thighs, and belly too.  Throw in some light hand weights and your arms, shoulders and back can participate too.


Start with the basic video that shows you the moves and gives you important tips.

Then zero in on the 5 different workouts that are designed for different purposes, such as toning, cardio or abs.  This will help keep you from losing interest as you won’t be doing the same old thing each time.

This program has different plans depending on what your problem is.  You can use a custom plan to target a flat saggy rear, a too-big butt, a pear-shaped tush, or a combo problem.  This is all outlined in the Booty Makeover Guide.

For maximum results with this, don’t forget to check your eating habits.  If you’re lacking here, there is a meal plan included.

Is it hard to do??  The basic video is very helpful in that some of the moves are more “dance-y” and took me a little time to get down.  But what fun!  You don’t have to be an athlete, but you do need to give it your all to get the results you want.  The DVDs will kick your butt and give you a thorough workout.

It’s time to get your booty moving to this DVD workout in order to get your booty in the shape you’ve always dreamed of.  I dare you to take the pencil challenge and if you don’t like the results, get the Brazil Butt Lift workout.

Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD Review


Remember the best fitness and weight loss tool is the one you use The Brazil Butt Lift Workout is a very effective tool , That you just might find fun and enjoyable. Good Luck!

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